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Who knows something about the author Hugh Dirac ???
Wer weiss etwas über den Author Hugh Dirac ???


This book was first published in 1970 by
Sidgwick & Jackson in London

The contents:

This brilliant first novel predicts the horrific future of medical transplants.

A surgeon of genius transplants the brain cells of a foetus into the skull of a millionaire who has already undergone two heart transplants. The operation is all too successful and he is guaranteed immortality. There is a public outcry and the millionaire flees to South Aftica which is the scene of the novel's chilling climax.

Hugh Dirac is a doctor at present living and practising in Ethiopia.



We found people with the name of Dirac in different countries and could integrate them all into our family tree. Hugh Dirac, though, is a mystery for us. Was the name only his artist name? Who knows anything about him? If you do, please contact us. We would be happy about news. Thanks in advance.


Bisher konnten wir alle Dirac-Familien, die wir weltweit entdeckten, in unseren Familienbaum integrieren.
Hugh Dirac ist uns ein absolutes Rätsel. Wie kommt ein Dirac nach Äthiopien? War das nur sein Künstlername?
Wenn Sie etwas über ihn wissen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte. Wir sind gespannt. Danke im voraus.


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