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Martin - Family Pictures

Francis Martin:
1st child of Wilfrid and Anaïs Martin

1941 in St. Maurice, Valais
christianing day of Jean-Claude Martin (3.5), son of Rodolphe Martin (3)

Francis Martin (1), 
Xavier Barman (2.a), husband of Edwige (2), 
Anaïs Martin née Dirac (mother),
Rodolphe Martin (3)

for another picture of Francis see below under "6 Wilfrid"



Edwige Martin:
2nd child of Wilfrid and Anaïs Martin

1954 in St. Maurice, Valais

This is the only picture we have that shows Edwige.

from left to right:

Rodolphe Martin (3), Henri Dirac (3.2.2), Madeleine Martin-Pfammatter (3.a), Marie Martin (3.1), François Dirac (3.2.a), Edwige Barman-Martin (2), Simone Dirac-Martin (3.2) avec Françoise (3.2.3.) et Christian (3.2.1.)

One of Edwige's great-grandchildren, Jean-Paul Duroux (2.5.5) was the president of St. Maurice for many years


Rodolphe Martin:
3rd child of Wilfrid and Anaïs Martin

1925 in St. Maurice, Valais 
Marie (3.1), Rodolphe (3), Fernand (3.3), Madeleine née Pfammatter (3a), Liliane (3.4), Simone Martin (3.2)


Rodolphe working in his yard


31 May 1947 in Yverdon - Wedding of Rodolphe's (3) son Fernand Martin (3.3) with Olivia Schaeffert

left: Rodolphe Martin (3)
back left: François et Simone Dirac, née Martin (3.2)
front right: Liliane Haenni, née Martin (3.4)

Two years after the wedding Fernand drowned while swimming. They had a little son, Claude-Pierre Martin, who also drowned 8 years after his father in 1957.


January 1st, 1976 in St. Maurice, Valais
4 generations:

Christian Dirac (3.2.1), his son Nicolas Dirac ( on the day of his baptism, his grandfather Rodolphe Martin (3) at age 85, his father François Dirac (3.2a) at age 61

François Dirac married Rodolphe's daughter Simone. Rodolphe was not only his father-in-law but also his second cousin through Rodolphe's mother Anaïs Dirac - a relationship which they did not know about for a long time.




 1987 in St. Maurice - home of Henri and family

Christian Dirac (3.2.1), Henri Dirac (3.2.2) and their uncle Jean-Claude Martin (3.5), youngest child of Rodolphe Martin who is only a little older than his nephews Christian and Henri.

Jean-Claude has a PhD in criminalogy. He teaches and researches at the University of Lausanne


Jules Martin:
5th child of Wilfrid and Anaïs Martin

July 1988 Veysonnaz, Valais

Jules Martin (5) at age 94 with his niece Simone Dirac, née Martin (3.2) and Simone's grandchild Stéphanie Dirac (




Wilfrid Martin:
6th child of Wilfrid and Anaïs Martin

1941 in St. Maurice, Valais - Three brothers and a brother-in-law
Roldolphe (3), Xavier Barman (2.a) - husband of their sister Edwige (2), Francis (1), Wilfrid (6)


René Martin:
7th child of Wilfrid and Anaïs Martin

16 June 1948 in Barbados, Carribean Sea

Yvonne (7.1), René (7), Kathleen (7.a) 
and William Martin (7.2)
second birthday of Billy


Yvonne (7.1) and William (7.2) with their parents Kathleen née McRann (7a) and René Martin (7)



Children of William (7.2) and 
Donna Martin, née Runnels (7.2a)

Joseph (7.2.6), Michelle (7.2.5), Julia (7.2.4), 
Deborah (7.2.3), William (7.2.2), Diane (7.2.1)



early 1980's
William (7.2), his sister Yvonne (Bonnie) (7.1)
and father René (7) Martin and the Brazilian cousins Rivadavia (8.2.2) and Ricardo (8.2.3) Vieira de Freitas

Riva and Ricardo are grandchildren of René's sister
Anna Yvonne Villiger (8), sons of her daughter Rachel (8.2)

15 April 2001 Easter Sunday, Portland - Oregon
Family of William and Donna Martin
- from left to right

back row: Daniel Johnson (, Donna Martin (7.2a), Julia Martin (7.2.4), Bill Martin (7.2), Deborah Rice-Martin (7.2.3), Jeremy Rice (7.2.3a), .., Michelle Martin (7.2.5), Loy Johnson (7.2.1a), Diane Johnson-Martin (7.2.1)
front row: Jedidiah Rice (, Annika Johnson (, Tyler Rice (, Joseph Johnson (, Valarie Johnson (, David Johnson (

Adam Christian SAGER and Julia Renée MARTIN (7.2.4)
got married on August 3rd 2002 in Damascus, Oregon




Anna Yvonne Martin:
8th child of Wilfrid and Anaïs Martin

October 1988 in Wädenswil at the home of Christian and Gisela Dirac (3.2.1 and 1a)

Rivadavia Vieira de Freitas (8.2a), Rachel Vieira de Freitas, née Villiger (8.2), daughter of Anna Yvonne Villiger, née Martin (8), Françoise Dirac (3.2.3), granddaughter of Rodolphe Martin (3)

Riva and Rachel were visiting from Brazil.




Waldemar Thomaz da Rosa, his wife Sylvia Thomaz da Rosa née Villiger (8.5), Francine Villiger née Deleu, her husband René Villiger (8.3)

Sylvia and René are children of Ernst Johann Villiger und Anna Yvonne Villiger (8) née Martin

Arnedio Bastos de Oliveira (8.3.1a), husband of Denise née Villiger, with their two children Bruno and Isabela Bastos de Oliveira ( and

Denise is a daughter of René Villiger who is the third child of Anna Yvonne Villiger (8) née Martin





Dezember 2000

Family of René (8.3.) and Francine Villiger

from left to right:
daughter Gisèle (8.3.3), mother Francine (8.3a), son René (8.3.4), René's daughter Camila (, Christiane's son Felipe (, René's son Alain (, daughter Christiane (8.3.2)


David John NIELSEN and Gisèle VILLIGER (8.3.3)
got married on August 3rd 2002 in Carmel-by-the-Sea
in California USA



Paul A. Martin:
9th child of Wilfrid and Anaïs Martin

Paul A. Martin (9) and his wife Elgea (née Beliveau)
before 1992

Wilfrid L.P.J.Martin (9.1), Paul's 1st child,
and his 2nd wife Louise née Ayres

9.1.2. Richard J. Martin Sr. and family
grandchild of Paul, son of  Wilfrid L.P.J.

from left to right:
Cody Tyler, Richard Jr., Richard Sr., Emily (née Hicks), Monique Nicole

9.1.3. Wilfrid R. Martin Sr. and family
grandchild of Paul, son Wilfrid L.P.J.

from left to right:
Wilfrid R. Sr., Robert, Sandra (née Heslop), Amanda (in front)

Christmas 2001

9.1. Family of Wilfrid L.P.J. Martin
from left to right:
front row: Elgea (9.1.7) and mother Lois (9.1a)
back row: Elnora (9.1.4), Kathy (?), Evert (?), Yvonne (9.1.6), Richard Jr. (9.1.2), Cathy (?)


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