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Anna Johanna Elisabeth Wahrenburg
4 Apr 1859 Genthin-Altenplathow - 9 Nov 1881 Gasconade County, Missouri
She immigrated from Hamburg to the USA and arrived in New York on 5 Oct 1871.


Hermann A. Pfundt
25 Dec 1850 Genthin - 17 Feb 1943 Augusta, Missouri
He came to the USA on 28 Aug 1878.

Anna and Hermann married on 30 Oct 1879 in Lafayette IN. The couple had a daughter and a stillborn child.

Anna Wahrenburg was born at Genthin-Altenplathow April 4, 1859 and immigrated to America at the age of 12 with her widowed mother and five sisters on the S.S. Silesia, arriving in New York October 5, 1871. They came to Lafayette, Indiana where an older brother, her maternal grandfather and the families of her mother’s brother and sister were living. 

On October 30, 1879 she was married to the Reverend Hermann Pfundt at the German Methodist Episcopal Church in Lafayette, which the Wahrenburgs attended.

Hermann Pfundt was born December 25, 1850 at Genthin, the son of Wilhelm and Hermine (Steinweg) Pfundt. Several of the Genthin Pfundts were godparents to the children of August and Auguste Wahrenburg, Anna’s parents. Hermann decided to become a missionary in Africa and entered the Mission House in Berlin where he studied theology. However, he was unable to meet the physical requirements for missionary service in Africa and came instead to America, arriving in New York on the S.S. Herder from Hamburg on August 28, 1878. He spent six months studying theology in a seminary at Marthasville, Missouri, then went to Buffalo, New York where he was ordained a German Evangelical Church pastor at St. Paul’s German Evangelical Church on May 11, 1879.


After Hermann’s marriage to Anna, the young couple moved to Petoskey, Emmet County, Michigan in 1880, where Hermann was first called to a pastorate. They are enumerated June 14, 1880 at Petoskey in the federal census of Michigan. The first child of the couple Bertha Auguste Hermine (Minnie) Pfundt  was born August 4, 1880 in Petoskey MI. It was Hermann himself who baptized his daughter on August 26, 1880 in the new "Evangelische-Immanuels-Kirche". Witnesses were: Auguste Wahrenburg, Anna's mother, as well as Theodor and Lizzie Schumann. According to the church records, Reverend Pfundt's daughter was the first child baptized in the new church that was established August 8, 1880, according to a newspaper article of 2005 for the church's 125th anniversary. And Hermann Pfundt was its first pastor.

In 1881 Hermann was called to a pastorate at St. Johannis German Evangelical Church in Stolpe, Missouri near Hermann. Anna was pregnant with their second child and the following sad entry appears, written in Hermann’s hand, in the church books of St. Johannis, dated November 10, 1881:

"Anna Pfundt, Ehefrau des Rev. H. Pfundt (geborene Wahrenburg), geboren am 4. April 1859 in Deutschland. Starb am 9. November im Kindbett, eine halbe St. nach der Geburt eines toten Knaben. Ihr Alter war 22 J. 7 M. 5 Tage."
In English translation: Anna Pfundt (née Wahrenburg), wife of the Reverend H. Pfundt, born April 4, 1859 in Germany. Died November 9 in childbed, half an hour after giving birth to a dead boy. Her age was 22 years, 7 months, 5 days.

Hermann remarried August 29, 1882 at Bay, Missouri to a young parishoner, Adeline Kehlenbrink. They had five children: Theodore, Hedwig, Taletha, Eric and Olga, who were born between 1884 and 1895 in Illinois and Missouri. Theodore and Eric also also became pastors of the German Evangelical Church. Hermann had a long, active life in the ministry at locations in Michigan, Illinois and Missouri. He served the Ebenezer Church at Augusta, Missouri from 1911-1934 where Adeline died in 1934. 

March 2013: Our sincere thanks go
- to June Mengwasser, a descendant of Hermann Pfundt and his second wife Adeline Kehlenbrink. Without her we would have never found Anna's and Hermann's first child.
- to the recent Pastor of the "Emmanuel Evangelical Church" in Petoskey Mark Drinkall, who provided us with church records
- to
Norma Stollmeyer Maier for the initial research into Minnie Pfundt's, the Gladwill family.

Hermann Pfundt

His last ministry was in 1935 at Matson, Missouri. He spent his last years in retirement at the home of his daughter Hedwig Berg in Augusta MO, where he died February 17, 1943 at the age of 92. At the time of his death, his son Theodore was a pastor at Cook, Nebraska and Erich was a pastor at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Gravestone for Anna (Wahrenburg) Pfundt
in church yard St. John's, Stolpe, Gasconade County MO
Inscription on top: "Unser Glaube ist der Sieg" (Our faith is the victory)


Descendants of Hermann A. PFUNDT


Parents: Wilhelm Pfundt and Hermine Steinweg



Hermann A. Pfundt  * 25 Dec 1850 Genthin, Germany  + 17 Feb 1943 Augusta MO
1st marriage:  30 Oct 1879 Lafayette IN to

Anna Johanna Elisabeth Wahrenburg
  * 4 Apri 1859 Genthin-Altenplathow, Germany
+ 9 Nov 1881 Stolpe, Gasconade Co. MO – children 1-2
2nd marriage:  7 Sep 1882 Bay MO to

Adeline Charlotte Kehlenbrink
  * 17 Jan 1861 MO  + 14 Jun 1934 – children 3-7




Bertha Auguste Hermine (Minnie) Pfundt  * 4 Aug 1880 Petoskey MI  + 21 Sep 1908 MO
oo 30 Jun 1901 Springfied, Green Co. MO to

Louis Nathaniel Gladwill
  * 26 Dec 1875 Hale MO  + 20 Dec 1954 MO
After Hermina’s death in 1908 at age 28, Louis married Pearl Niel Mc Gaugh on 5 Oct 1911 in Kansas City MO (one daughter: Vivian Ford née Gladwill + died before 1990) and Mabel Lowry (1880-1950) on 22 Dec 1932 or 1942 in Butler MO (no children with Mabel)





James Marvin Gladwill  * 14 Jul 1902 Hale MO  + Jan 1978 Liberty MO –
Electrical engineer
oo 17 Nov 1941 Clay Co. MO to Eveline Viola Hunter  * 1915  -  no children





Herman Gladwill  * 14 Jul 1902 Hale MO  + 2 Jul 1909 Caroll Co. MO
Twin brother of James





Hazel Ruth Gladwill  * 27 Feb 1904  + 3 Dec 1990 Oklahoma – teacher
1966, 1978: lived in Paul’s Valley OK – not married, no children
After the death of their mother Minnie Gladwill née Pfundt in 1908, James Marvin and Hazel Ruth were raised by a sister of their father and her husband: Ernest Christopher and Nellie Dillamon née Gladwill (* 26 May 1879 Hale MO  + 24 Oct 1966 Hale MO)




Boy Pfundt (stillborn) * + 9 Nov 1881 Gasconade Co. MO




Theodore Pfundt  * 1885 - pastor
oo Ottilie L. ?  * 20 Sep 1893 TX  + May 1982 Tecumseh, Johnson Co. NE




Hedwig Dorothea Pfundt  * 24 May 1886 Okawville IL  + 16 Jul 1960 Augusta MO
oo 29 Oct 1912 Augusta, St. Charles Co. MO to

Oscar John Berg
  * 1 Oct 1882 Augusta MO  + 28 Jun 1968 August MO




Talitha Pauline Pfundt  * 7 Aug 1889 Staunton IL  + 10 Sep 1922 Augusta MO
oo 15 Oct 1912 Augusta MO to

Carl Hollenberg
  * 25 Jun 1888 Augusta MO  + 28 Jan 1929 University City, St. Louis, MO 




Erich Hermann Pfundt  * 8 Sep 1892 Staunton IL  - pastor
oo 2 Mar 1917 De Sota, Jefferson Co. MO to

Ella Thost
  * 1895  + 1918




Olga L. Pfundt  * 21 Aug 1895 MO  + 1992 St. Louis MO
oo Erwin C. H. Mallinckrodt  * 5 Aug 1891 Augusta MO 
+ 6 May 1951 Washington, Franklin Co. MO


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