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Bertha Hermine Amalie Wahrenburg
16 Oct 1861 Altenplathow - 19 Apr 1935 Cincinnati, Ohio
She immigrated from Hamburg to the USA and arrived in New York on 5 Oct 1871.


Heinrich (Henry) C. Seraphim
20 Oct 1865 Militsch, Schlesien (Silesia) - 10 Sep 1915 Columbus, Ohio - Bookbinder
He immigrated from Bremen to the USA and arrived in New York on 22 May 1882.

Bertha and Henry married on 2 Oct 1889 in Lafayette IN. The couple had no children.

They moved from Lafayette IN to Columbus OH in 1893. After Bertha's sister Luise had died in 1893 and Luise's husband
John Scheurenbrand in 1895, Bertha and Heinrich Seraphim gave their niece and nephew
Bertha Scheurenbrand and Charles Scheurenbrand a new home.
Charles died at age 7 in 1897. Bertha grew up with her aunt and uncle.

Bertha Seraphim (left) and her sister Auguste Neumann
on August 28, 1922, their mother's 70th birthday

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